Controlled final disposal site
Controlled final disposal site

This facility preserves the local environment and protects the global environment by acting as a much needed final disposal site in the Tokachi area. In operating it, we exploit our experience in intermediate treatment of industrial wastes, and management of stable final disposal sites.

Controlled final disposal site
2134.2135.2136.2137, Meto, Ashoro-cho
Ashoro-gun, Hokkaido, 089-3872, Japan
アウンクル芽登Controlled final disposal siteへのお問い合わせは

Since 2010, we have been operating the Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site for industrial waste. This is Ogawa Construction's eighth facility since our founding. Numerous candidate names for the facility were solicited from our employees. The employees voted on selected finalists, and the name "Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site" was chosen as a result. Among the candidates was the word "Aunkuru" which means "neighbor" in the Ainu language, and we added Aunkuru at the beginning of the name to signify that "Ogawa Construction Corporation will always be a good neighbor to all the residents in the local community." As a result, the final name became the "Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site."  Due to Ogawa Construction's social mission as a corporation, we strongly believe that the Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Treatment Site must have positive relations with everyone in the local area, and work to preserve the local environment and achieve broad protection of the global environment.  We wish to promote protection of the environment for everyone in the community, and to develop this business in solidarity with the community so we can be a company regarded as necessary by the community itself. We also plan to promptly respond to the waste situation, which changes every day, and expand the content of our services.

Controlled final disposal site
Landfilled items
Types of waste Disposing of general waste Industrial waste
Combustion residues
Sludge (moisture content 85% or less)
Waste plastic(including industrial wastes containing asbestos)
Waste paper
Waste wood
Fiber waste
Animal and vegetable residues
Slag ×
Rubble(including industrial wastes containing asbestos)
Animal carcasses
Items treated for disposing of general waste ×
Items treated for disposing of industrial waste ×
Rubber waste
Metal waste
Glass waste