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Our work

By protecting resources, creating employment, and producing new value, we aim to realize a recycling-oriented society.

While making the most of the corporate assets we have built up over many years, we in the Ogawa Group are engaged in businesses such as ConstructionDismantlingWaste treatmentRecyclingTransport Crushed rockHog raising, and businesses which can contribute to the development of the local community by employing people with disabilities.

Business description

We create environments which are friendly to both people and the environment.


We carry out both dismantling, and recycling after dismantling is finished.


We collect and sort wastes, and reuse resources.


Our projects range from waste collection to disposal and recycling, and always consider the local and global environment.


We perform transport work to support daily life in areas such as construction materials, animal feed, and even buses and taxis.

Crushed rock

At our Meto Gravel Plant, we sort gravel and excavated materials, and manufacture materials needed for construction work.

Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site

For unrecyclable wastes, we carry out landfill disposal based on the appropriate permits.

Hog raising

We raise environmentally-friendly, healthy hogs which drink moor spring water in a stress-free environment.

Type A business supportingemployment of disabled persons
Type A business supporting
employment of disabled persons

Through our hog raising business, we help people with disabilities to be more independent.