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Company name Ogawa Construction Corporation
Address 10-3 Kamihonbetsu, Honbetsu-cho, Nakagawa-gun,
Hokkaido 089-3321 Japan
TEL +81-156-22-2661/FAX +81-156-22-4123
Established Nov. 11, 1978
Capitalization \10 million
Founder Chairman of the Board  Nobuo Oagawa
Representative Director President  Tetsuya Ogawa
Officers Managing Director  Takashi Aoki
Director      Mutsuko Ogawa
Number of employees 111 in entire group, as of Aug. 31, 2010
Business description General civil engineering work (civil engineering, paving)
Material transport, waste carry-in, feed transport; transport of heavy machinery etc. (cargo transport)
Rental buses and taxis (passenger transport)
Waste collection, transport and disposal (waste treatment)
Machine work and construction machinery rental
Intermediate processing of general/industrial wastes (Hokkai Recycling Center)
Final disposal of industrial wastes (Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site)
Crushed rock and gravel(Meto Gravel Plant)
Hog raising (Farm Ogawa)
Hokkai Golf Center
Hokkai Vehicle Washing Center
Main banks Obihiroshin'yokinko Honbetsu branch
Hokkaido Bank branch Ashoro
North Pacific Bank branch Honbetsu
Company History
April 1963 Nobuo Ogawa started business
May 1968

Established Ogawa Kiko

May 1973

Established Ogawa Kiko Ltd.,

June 1977 Established Hokkai Rikuun Ltd., Began transport work
September 1978 Reorganized as Ogawa Construction Corporation
June 1981 Began volcanic ash quarrying business
May 1986

Began operation of golf practice range

May 1988 Began operation of batting center
May 1989

Began operation of car wash

April 1991 Purchased Tomoe Sangyo Ltd.
April 1992

Purchased Nagao Construction Co., Ltd.

May 1993

Began business in security industry (road service)

January 1997 Began business of collecting, transporting and disposing of industrial waste
June 1998 Industrial waste stabilized landfill permit is issued

(Five stable types of waste plastic, waste rubber, rubble, metal scrap)

July 1999 Established Yutaka Ltd. (investment by Nobuo Ogawa, Tetsuya Ogawa, and Masahiro Ishida)
Heavy machinery department split off from Ishidagumi Co., Ltd. Twelve pieces of heavy machinery, 9 operators
November 1999

Began quarrying and sale of gravel

May 2000

Began operation of paving plant (100% recycled blend material)

April 2003

Began operation of paving plant (100% recycled blend material)

April 2003 Began proxy driver service
August 2003

Began operating convenience store (Lawson, currently being leased to Seicomart)

August 2003

Started hog raising business

April 2004

Began environmental impact assessment for construction of controlled final disposal site for industrial waste

April 2005

Began operation of school buses in Urahoro-cho, and buses to transport medical patients

April 2005

Tetsuya Ogawa assumed position of president

April 2008 Began collection and transport of general waste in Honbetsu-cho
June 2009

Began construction of controlled final disposal site for industrial waste

December 2010

Began operation of Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site

April 2012

Began operation of Honbetsu-cho school buses

April 2013 Established “Rampirka,” a business based on the Continuous Support for Employment of the Disabled Type A program