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Striving for the happiness of all our employees, and contributing to the development of the local community.
Making great strides toward developing the Eastern Hokkaido of tomorrow.
Thank you very much for visiting the homepage of Ogawa Construction Corporation.

Thanks to the support of all our customers, we were able to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our founding in June 2013.
To all of those who have supported us, I would like to express our sincere gratitude.

Our company was founded as a construction business in 1978 by my father Nobuo Ogawa (founder and currently Chairman of the Board). He was born to a farming family in the small town of Honbetsu-cho, Tokachi, Hokkaido—an area with a thriving forestry industry. Previously lumber had been pulled by horses, and he noticed that heavy machinery, which was unusual at that time, could pull three times the load of a horse. So he purchased a used bulldozer, and rode the boom of Japan’s period of high growth.
Our founder Nobuo Ogawa enjoys a challenge, and he says, “We’ll do any type of business except fraud and theft!” Today we have about 100 employees, and we are engaged in roughly 20 different businesses including construction, transport, recycling, gravel/crushed rock, tourist buses, welfare taxis, hog raising, and employment of the disabled.

I was born in Honbetsu-cho in 1972 as the eldest son following my two older sisters.
I went to high school in Sapporo and university in Tokyo. After graduation, I worked for about 3 years as an apprentice in a dojo for Kyokushin Karate, which I had practiced since my high school days. At the age of 26 I returned to my home, and have been here since.
When I joined our company, the population of Honbetsu-cho was approximately 12,000, but in the 15 years since then it has shrunken to 8,000. We can see the trend of having fewer children with our own eyes. Some say that the economy will improve due to the effects of “Abenomics,” but we haven’t seen much of an effect on the actual economy here in Honbetsu-cho.

We are very concerned that the economy will "swing back" even if the expected temporary improvement materializes.

Amidst these worries, such as decreasing population and the adverse effects of the economy, we must urgently build up a management foundation and interpersonal relations which will not succumb to such pressures, and maintain a “can do” spirit for meeting the challenges of the future.

All of us here at Ogawa Construction Corporation will continue to move forward as a “fighting team” which protects and implements the spirit of our founder and always takes on new challenges. Also, through our work both as people and as a corporation, we will evolve and develop, and devote ourselves to contributing to the local community.

In this year, our 41st year in business, we will do our best to grow further and be a company which is useful to our customers. We hope we can count on your continued guidance and support.
Ogawa Construction Ltd.
President Tetsuya Ogawa
Tetsuya Ogawa