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Collected wastes are subjected to intermediate processing such as crushing and sorting at the Hokkai Recycling Center. In order to effectively use the earth's limited resources, we recover recyclable items as products.

Recycling アウンクル芽登Controlled final disposal siteへのお問い合わせは
Recycling of industrial waste
Wood waste
We crush dismantled wood waste, drift wood, stumps and similar waste, and our customers use the product in a broad range of applications such as livestock litter and wood chips.
"Magma" all-purpose crusher made by Miyamoto Seisakusho
Tub Grinder 1300, wood waste crusher made by Mobaku
Drift wood, stumps, branches etc.
①Carrying in drift wood and stumps
②Shaking off earth and
sand with heavy equipment
③Loading into crusher (tub grinder)
④Finished product
(stump chips)
Dismantled wood waste
①Sorting of wood waste
at dismantling site
②After carrying in, loading into crusher (Magma)
④Removal of nails and other metal with a magnetic separator (magnet)
⑤Removal of soil and other deposited material with a shaker
⑥Hand removal of attached items (such as power cords)
⑦Further crushing
⑧Finished product (dismantling waste chips)
Waste concrete

Concrete debris and other concrete waste is loaded into a mobile crusher, and the crushed rock is transported by a belt conveyor. The material is sorted, and becomes recycled gravel. Rebar removed from concrete is removed as a valuable material.

Recycled 40mm
Recycled 80mm
“Galapagos” concrete crusher, made by Komatsu
①Carrying in waste concrete from dismantling site
③Loading pieces of concrete
④Placing on shaker, and removing soil
⑤Concrete slowly moves,
⑥And enters the crusher
⑦Crushed concrete emerges from the belt conveyor
⑧Midway through, rebar is removed from the magnetic separator
⑨The collected rebar is treated as steel waste
⑩The resulting concrete is sold as recycled aggregate (gravel)
Waste asphalt
Asphalt removed from construction sites is crushed, sorted, and used to make recycled blend materials.
Asphalt raw material
Asphalt recycling machine
Reuse in road paving
Waste plastic
Plastic and vinyl, properly processed to a size of 15 cm or less, are disposed of in a landfill, either the stable final disposal site at the Hokkai Recycling Center, or the Aunkuru Meto Controlled Final Disposal Site.
All types of plastic including waste tires, PVC pipes etc.
HR-1200 made by Hitachi
①Waste plastic is crushed and dropped into place
②Crushing to 15cm or less
③Landfill disposal
Volcanic ash

We sell volcanic ash at the Hokkai Recycling Center. In Hokkaido, underground moisture freezes, causing the ground surface to rise, and volcanic ash is used in areas such as road construction to prevent retention of water which may lead to breakage of pavement. Our company’s volcanic ash has high permeability, and our customers use it in a variety of applications with great satisfaction.