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We are engaged in safe and appropriate transport work, ranging from transport of building materials and wastes, to pick-up and transport of feed, and operation of the buses and taxis which are a familiar part of our lives.

Dump truck transport of materials and wastes

These trucks are used for tasks such as transport and carrying-in of materials and wastes. A new type of 10t dump truck developed by our company has four fewer tires than a conventional dump truck, and this saves about 20 liters of fuel (in an 8 hour day of operation). We also have an all-wheel drive 10t dump truck, which can handle adverse road conditions in conditions such as embankment construction.

Dump truck transport of materials and wastes
【Wastes/Materials】 【General wastes】
・4-ton dump trucks
・10-ton dump trucks(single)
・10-ton dump trucks(gun-dump)
・10-ton dump trucks(all-wheel drive)
・6-ton dump trucks(classic)
・10-ton dump trucks
・10-ton dump trucks(industrial waste truck)
・4-ton Unic trucks
・2-ton freight trucks
・Refrigerator/freezer trucks
・Garbage trucks(Packer trucks)
Trailers/Heavy equipment transport
We transport heavy equipment, heavy parts, and similar items. With a Unic-equipped self-operated truck, we can transport prefabricated houses, generators, sheds and other large freight.
・4-ton Unic trucks
・10-ton Unic trucks
・Tractors(heavy trailers)
・Trailerless(with frame)
Trailers/Heavy equipment transport
Feed transport
Through a contract from Meiji Feed Co., Ltd., we are engaged in feed pick-up and transport. We also manufacture mixed feed.
・10-ton self-operated
・Full trailers
【Bulk trailers】
・Powder and granular material transport trucks(Full trailers)
・Powder and granular material transport trucks
Feed transport
We are engaged in the taxi business under the name Hokkai Taxi.